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Pronounced | luh . lee |

Behind the works, I am Alison Seow. Full-time Momma by day, creator by night. I am a self-taught floral designer. I love working with flora as a material. I’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember — always as a passion project, not a job. But Lule was born out of adversity — out of a need to adapt. When our babies landed, my husband and I decided that the best we could give them was for at least one of us to be constantly present. I left the workforce. Turns out, this stay-at-home momma thing is more challenging than juggling a day job and moonlighting as a freelance writer, graphic designer, illustrator among other things.

With no more time to comb my hair in a day, let alone find space for creativity, I was quickly going under. I love Momma-ing. But I needed to regain my footing. I am a creator at heart.

You’d think that the best time to pursue your dreams is when you have all the time in the world to yourself. I now know that if it weren’t because I felt like my back was against a wall, I would not have launched forth. 

Push back.

So Lule is as much about evolving with the seasons and finding sanity, as it is about the bacon. In the toughest of seasons, people grow beyond what they think they are capable of. Let me tell you something about flowers. They are more resilient than you think. And people — are grittier than flowers.

My style of work? 

I have a weakness for the bold, defined colors and outlines of tropical blooms. I think there is so much undiscovered potential for our own local flora, something I am always trying to explore and incorporate. While I do prefer my flowers shockingly loud, I do aim for versatility — if only because I can’t say no to a good challenge.

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